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Educational Colleague Testimonials

His three-day visit included workshops and seminars on musical perception and improvisation, given in fluent Portuguese, which were extremely valuable and well-received by students and colleagues alike. We look forward to having him back."

Clifford Korman, D.M.A.
Professor of Popular Music Studies
UniRio, Federal Univ. Rio de Janeiro


"His artist residencies distill decades of educational and performing experience into cutting-edge pedagogy and inspirational performances of the highest musical and technical caliber. You’ll be astonished at the breadth and depth he can offer– from Brazilian, jazz, classical and early music to improvisation, guitar, vocal and aural skills, small ensemble to big band, and more!"

Malcolm Lynn Baker
Jazz Studies and Commercial Music
Lamont School of Music, Univ. of Denver

Dynamic Ear Training for Guitarists


• to dynamically integrate 
to improve musical skills with effective practicing routines
• to develop balanced musicianship integrating:
  Ear, Guitar, Voice, Theory, Sight Reading 

Student Testimonials

DYNAMIC EAR TRAINING FOR GUITARISTS gave me great insights into my Ear Training goals and helped me relate them to the guitar. I gained an infinite number of musical ideas that I hope to explore for years to come. I truly appreciate his generosity in sharing his knowledge."

"I've played guitar for more than twenty years and always felt a creative and aural disconnect with the instrument. After taking Richard Boukas's Dynamic Ear Training for Guitarists course, everything suddenly merged- hearing music on a deeper level, creativity, technique, theory and untapped vocal abilities. Finally now I feel like a more complete musician, ready to take on the next level of all these different but related areas."

"Richard Boukas is an inspiring and skilled teacher.  His Dynamic Ear Training courses were enriching on multiple levels. He doesn't just teach the skills and methods of ear training; he teaches musicianship, encourages creativity, and bridges insightful connections between his curriculum and real music."

Drawing upon over four decades of professional music performance, recording and cutting-edge university and private teaching, Richard shares his innovative concepts with musicians of all levels to expand their creative instincts, stylistic range and technical skills towards achieving a more balanced musicianship and optimal progress.

Richard has delivered guest artist-educator residencies throughout North America and Brazil. He has been core faculty at New School Jazz (NYC) since 1989, teaching courses in Brazilian Music, Guitar, Voice, Ear Training, Improvisation, Composition, Sightreading and Choral repertoire.

Hudson Jazzworks Composer Series