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"The solo guitar music of Richard Boukas is very sophisticated and extremely well written for the instrument. It offers the player a huge variety of different harmonies as well as the intricate rhythms from Brazil with which he is very much at home. It was a great pleasure for me to play his recent work Guinga Suite, which I consider to be one of the great pieces that combine Brazilian and jazz influences."

João Luiz Rezende Lopes
Brasil Guitar Duo/Naxos Recording Artist
Director of Chamber Music
Hunter College, NYC

"Anyone who loves to play Brazilian guitar music and is looking for a best-kept secret should look no further than composer-guitarist Richard Boukas's Guinga Suite. It is more than the product of Richard's acute ear and flair for Brazilian idioms, more even than authentic Brazilian music: it is the product of a living, creative immersion in this music and the kind of spiritual connection with its models that cannot be manufactured."

Jonathan Leathwood
Director, Classical Guitar Studies
Lamont School of Music
Denver University

Solo Brazilian Guitar Works

Guinga Suite, in seven movements (2012)   (20:00)
Prelúdio (baião)
Modinha no. 1
Cheio de Guinga (choro)
Modinha no. 2
Valsa do Mar Esquecido
Perfume de Guinga (choro)
Finale (baião)

See the YouTube video below of the Prelúdio and Modinha no. 1 from Guinga Suite.

Baião Fantasia (2007) (6:00)

Violão Nordestino (2008)

Choro Jovial (2004) (3:00) (listen to track 2 on audio player)

Chopiniana (1983) Panorama of Chopin themes

all above pieces (except Chopiniana) are available in a
spiral-bound collection:

Richard Boukas Brazilian Guitar Works

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Richard has also composed GUITAR QUARTETS, MIXED GUITAR ENSEMBLES and acoustic DUOS of guitar with different solo instruments. He has often used his professional repertoire as guest educator.

For repertoire and recordings, visit the CHAMBER MUSIC PAGE.


Other Solo Instruments

Choro Branco for Violoncello Solo (2011) (6:00)
(also adapted for Bass Clarinet)

Partita for Solo Bass Clarinet, in five movements (2015) (15:00)

adapted also for solo voice, flute, alto flute, violin,
violoncello, marimba (2009)

Prelude - Courante - Siciliano - Double - Gigue

Guinga Suite: Prelúdio, Modinha no. 1