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Challenging Times

As the Corona Virus is rapidly advancing around the globe and nearly everything in our lives has come to a full stop, we must continue all recommended health precautions and help those in need.

We are also experiencing a long overdue worldwide reckoning of racial injustice. As an artist, I believe we all must use our platforms as a continuous force to heal centuries-long wounds and reverse a national divisiveness that has poisoned the soul of this country. I usually do not use my website to address systemic inequities or cite political incompetence and ignorance, but that is the reality we wake up to each and every day. 

Among those heavily impacted in their careers and livelihoods are performing artists, venues, technical crews and other support staff. Broadway shows are shuttered closed. All concert, festival and club performances have been cancelled, leaving musicians and their community devastated with no clear idea when things will return to “normal”- i.e., if there will EVER be any such return to pre-pandemic conditions. From here forward, we will be living in a very different world.

It is times like these when MUSIC and the ARTS in general can and MUST continue to serve a vital role in our own recovery: economic, professional, social, spiritual and psychological.

I remain firmly dedicated to creating, sharing and teaching music through whatever means are available to our world community of artists. We must all heal ourselves and each other for the short and long term as this pandemic continues and the consciousness of our nation struggles to achieve a lasting racial justice.

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Diálogos Duo

Premiere of "A Dozen Choro Tributes"
presented by the NYC Classical Guitar Society

Complete concert VIDEO and AUDIO is on the DUO HOMEPAGE.

CD Release Concerts will be presented when safe social health conditions return.

Nelson Faria & Richard Boukas
"Ouça Comigo"

Recently Richard and Nelson discussed their Duo track "Mexedinho" on Nelson's YouTube show "Listen with Me" which focuses on a specific release with the original participating artists. Among other guests included Toninho Horta. The interview is in Portuguese. See video on the right or click Ouça Comigo above.

Scroll to these timings for viewing:

Boukas: 52:34
Toninho Horta: 37:52





The Duo has just completed recording "A Dozen Choro Tributes", the featured work for our second CD, "Choro Tributes".

CD RELEASE CONCERTS are in the planning stages.

The main CD RELEASE EVENT will be hosted by the BRAZILIAN CONSULATE OF NEW YORK. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, it is Diálogos Duo’s intention to make our newest and most important new work accessible to the public.

CHORO TRIBUTES is now available to:

* preview tracks 

* purchase digital download and CD

* read composer commentary and view cover art

* learn about the Duo’s virtual and onsite academic residencies

We sincerely appreciate your support of our work as we and all musicians around the globe navigate uncharted waters.

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Diálogos Duo

(International Clarinet Association)

"The performers give lovely renditions of these works. Louis Arques plays with a refined sound on both soprano and bass clarinets. Boukas is an excellent guitarist. While all of his compositions have a stylistic basis in traditional Brazilian popular music, they reflect his own more complex artistic sensibility. Perhaps this is nova brasilidade, in the same spirit as Piazzola's tango nuevo."




• EMBOLADA, an extended piece composed for the brilliant clarinet quartet SOPROS de PE, from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. I met the ensemble at this year's ICA CONVENTION (Int'l Clarinet Assoc.).

• ILLUMINADO, commissioned by guitarist Joe Carter for the annual Jobim Festival VII at Sacred Heart University (Fairfield CT). The tribute to Jobim was to be performed by alto flutist Ali Ryerson and Carter, professor and director of music programs at the university. However, the festival and premiere of my piece was canceled due to the health crisis.


• "Three Choros for Bass Clarinet and Guitar" which are adaptations of existing choros originally scored for larger ensembles. 

• "Cantos do Nordeste" featuring the rich and diverse genres from Brazil's Northeast.
The final work will consist of fifteen movements.

As with all previous Diálogos Duo suites, each movement is a tribute to an illustrious Brazilian composer/musician:

Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro, Sivuca, Hermeto Pascoal, Spok Frevo Orchestra, Dominguinhos, Sérgio Santos among others.

Luiz Gonzaga

Luiz Gonzaga

Jacob do Bandolim

Jacob do Bandolim

Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto Pascoal

Rafael Rabello

Rafael Rabello

Paulo Moura

Paulo Moura

NEW Diálogos Duo CD

Cover of newly released CD, Choro Tributes

Cover of newly released CD, Choro Tributes