Trio Brasileiro

is a contemporary Brazilian Jazz ensemble which performs both original compositions and fresh interpretations of Brazilian classics from composers including Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Sérgio Santos, Chico Buarque and Hermeto Pascoal. The Trio also presents the music of legendary guitarists from Garôto to Rafael Rabello.

TRIO BRASILEIRO features the same core rhythm section as Quarteto Moderno:

Richard Boukas  guitar, vocals, composer-arranger

Gustavo Amarante electric bass
Maurício Zottarelli   drums, percussion

The creative agility and openness of the trio format (including Boukas's vocals in Portuguese and scatsinging) is explored to its full potential. Symbiotic rhythmic interaction makes each interpretation of a piece fresh and unique.

• TRIO BRASILEIRO performs at clubs, festivals, academic institutions, corporate events

DUO BRASILEIRO (Richard Boukas and Gustavo Amarante) performs similar repertoire in more intimate settings.


Boukas comments on working with his triomates:

"After working with Gustavo and Maurício in Quarteto Moderno, it was clear that performing Trio was a natural extension of our creative exploration. It is a Brazilian chamber ensemble with improvisation as its key focus. The quality of music and incredible interaction in Trio Brasileiro greatly surpasses the many years I played trio in a mainstream jazz context."

Gustavo Amarante is a tremendous player, providing both rock-solid groove support and highly creative solos. His playing is governed by a refined sense of exactly what the music needs at any given point. His meticulous approach to preparing the music brings to the Trio a level of consistency that few bassists are able to achieve.

Maurício Zottarelli is the most exciting and creative drummers I have ever performed with. His  level of explosive interaction and  risk-taking sets the bar high for the level of sensitivity and three-way conversation that is the hallmark of any great trio playing.

Their acclaimed performances at the well-known
NYC venue, Bar Next Door
are featured in the AUDIO PLAYER to the right:

There are twenty-two (22) streamable tracks:

The first SEVEN tracks are original compositions and FREE DOWNLOADS:

1. Gajatucada*     2. Chorizinho*    
3. Boukas Baião  4. Samba Pr'o Sérgio* 
5. Calico      6. Embarcadero       7. Por do Sol

The remaining tracks are from the BRAZILIAN SONGBOOK..

To select tracks on the audio player, click the  <<  and  >> controls.

Vera Cruz*    Samba de Uma Nota Só        Aqui Oh*      

Áfrico*        A Cor do Pecado (6/4 version)    

Manhã de Carnaval           Garôta de Ipanema    

Samba Triste      A Cor do Pecado
Hermeto       Céu e Mar*       Samba de Orfeu             

De Volta ao Samba*          Carinhoso          

Samba de Uma Nota Só (take 2)


Boukas, Fuller and Zottarelli at the 9th Note.