Hermeto Pascoal's Calendario do Som / "Tudo de Bom"

In 2002, Richard Boukas and flautist Mark Weinstein joined forces on an ambitious 
Hermeto Pascoal recording project. Repertoire was chosen from the Calendário do Som (Sound Calendar), a collection of 366 daily compositions Hermeto began on his 60th birthday, June 22, 1996.

Boukas was producer, arranger, guitarist (cavaquinho, mandolin, guitar synth) and vocalist (solo scat & mouth trumpet, multitrack ensemble). 

Mark Weinstein played C and alto flutes, sharing thematic responsibilities with Boukas. This special session featured an elite Brazilian rhythm section: bassist Nilson Matta, drummer Paulo Braga and percussionist Vanderlei Pereira- all longtime Boukas colleagues.

Since Hermeto's manuscripts provided no specific indications for genre or tempo, Boukas transformed these one-page gems into elaborate arrangements– solo sections based on underlying harmonies, complex instrumental and vocal textures that transported the music beyond small group Brazilian jazz renditions.

Once the project was completed, Boukas recorded a multitrack instrumental and vocal version of Calendário #31 (Track 8 on the audio player). This track was not included in the official CD release, which contained 13 tracks.

For those interested in Hermeto's music, visit Boukas's lecture at Denver University.


All music composed by Hermeto Pascoal, arranged and produced by Richard Boukas