Boukas at New York Jazz Workshop



Richard Boukas teaching Dynamic Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician

In fall 2015, Richard Boukas was invited to join the faculty of NEW YORK JAZZ WORKSHOP, New York City's premiere adult education jazz music school. 

NYJW co-founder
Marc Mommaas and Boukas launched NYJW's first ten-week trimester courses:

(see Orientation Videos for each level below)


Boukas has developed university-level curricula in THREE LEVELS for each course area.

Winter Trimester Courses at NYJW

Winter Trimester begins January 14, and will offer the following classes:

Dynamic Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician, Level One

Dynamic Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician, Level Two PLUS
Notational Fluency for Transcription and Dictation

This is a special hybrid course which combines Richard's cutting-edge Ear Training methods with a robust foundational program for building notational skills.


Designed for two to a maximum of four students, these intensives are customized courses given within a convenient period of four one-hour weekly sessions. Students can form their own class and choose from among a wide variety of topics Richard has taught both in private and class settings. There is also some flexibility in designing courses on other topics than those listed. The result is much more individualized attention that is more like a private lesson, but at much lower hourly rates.

For more information on enrollment, levels and class schedules: CONTACT NYJW

Richard also offers private lessons through NYJW in vocal, guitar, composition, Brazilian music, improvisation, ear training and other areas.
"I enjoy teaching adults in a class setting immensely", Boukas says. "Their high level of self-motivation, focused work ethic and insatiable hunger for knowledge is truly inspiring to me. I've taught Ear Training and Transcription for over three decades at three different universities, presented countless workshops and artist residencies throughout North America and Brazil. To bring my empirically honed methods to adult musicians in a relaxed classroom setting such as NYJW is a total joy and great opportunity for the students.

Also, the ethnic diversity of the students, wide range of ages and levels is fantastic- from a fledgling professional to those who haven't taken a formal music course in decades. We're all there for the same reason: to become better musicians, have fun in the process and reach new levels that perhaps one might think impossible- especially for those who haven't studied music formally in some time. Also, the ten-week trimester is a very robust and effective format for both teaching and learning."

Richard's courses are enriched by a wide diversity of music handouts: practicing routines, theory, recordings, scores for sightsinging and other materials.

NYJW Student Testimonials

"Active listening and ear training-- two essential skills that every musician wants but that we rarely make consistent time for. Richard Boukas's Ear training and Transcription classes provided a fun, highly educational and motivating way to gain proficiency in these areas. Richard's musical knowledge is both broad and deep, and he effortlessly and clearly conveys his subject matter as well as his enormous passion for music and for teaching. Hear more, play better. Highly recommended."

"Richard Boukas is an inspiring and skilled teacher.  The two levels of Dynamic Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician that I attended were enriching on multiple levels. Richard doesn't just teach the skills and techniques of ear training; he teaches musicianship, encourages creativity, and makes insightful connections between each session's subject matter and its relationship to music history. I was sorry for each of the courses to end, and look forward to the opportunity to study further with Richard."