Artist Commentaries

Richard Boukas is one of the most impressive musicians I ever had the pleasure of working with. His musical abilities are exceptional, as a guitarist, a singer and a composer. He has one of the keenest ears I know and can hear the music inside the notes anytime. He is also a great educator with the gift of conveying the complexities of Brazilian music to students of all levels. He lives for the music and the music lives through him.

Jovino Santos Neto
pianist, composer, former member of Hermeto Pascoal Group

It is very rare to find an American musician who embraces our music and culture with passion and authenticity. Richard Boukas is one of these exceptional artists. His diverse talents as an acoustic guitarist, vocalist and composer lend him an artistic passport into almost any musical situation.

Paquito D’Rivera

His solid grasp of Brazilian music makes him a cultural ambassador through his teachings.

Romero Lubambo
guitarist, Trio da Paz

Dear friend Richard Boukas gets my sincere admiration– not only for his imaginative guitar playing, but his amazing composing, incredible knowledge of diverse musical styles, and his vocals– which I only hope more people can hear what he is capable of doing.

Jack Wilkins

Richard Boukas is a brilliant, multi-talented individual. His work draws upon Jazz, Brazilian and Classical influences, and exhibits a mastery of instrumental and vocal technique guided by a prevailing sense of clarity. He is one of a handful of artists who can scat progressive Jazz lines with articulate agility and conceptual integrity on par with his instrumental abillty.

Armen Donelian
pianist, composer, educator, Fulbright Scholar